MN Science Olympiad Study Links

Science Olympiad Student Center:

SO Student Center: This is a pretty complete site for all of the events, both B and C divisions. Highly recommend you send your students here to look up their events.

Science Olympiad National Site for event help for both students & coaches (and for event coordinators in some cases):

National Science Olympiad Event Help Navigate your way to the event(s) you are interested in and you'll see resources listed for each event when you drill down to the specific event.

Anatomy & Physiology:

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is a proud sponsor of the National Science Olympiad and they want to ensure that the team coaches in our state are aware of the study resources that they provide. As teams prepare for the Anatomy & Physiology events in both Division B and C, SfN’s Neuroscience Education Resources Virtual Encycloportal (NERVE, will be a useful tool. The online gateway offers access to hundreds of videos, laboratory lessons, animations, and games that assist in teaching about the nervous system. Additionally, all education resources published by SfN are available on NERVE. Popular publications such as Neuroscience Core Concepts (, Brain Facts ( and Brain Briefings ( can be delivered to you free of charge when you contact and mention your affiliation with Science Olympiad.

National Event Site - resources for B - division

National Event Site - resources for C - division

Cell Biology:

OsmoBeaker: This is software you may purchase to help your students prepare for this event.

Dynamic Planet:

Earthquakes: This is a site that has some good introduction material along with short animated clips for many of the concepts in this event.

Some good volcano sites: South Dakota State University Geology Dept. ; Vulcan ; Links to hazards and weather changes


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