For practice identifying birds from a photo, you can click on the links below.
Each column in the MSO bird list is listed below. It is recommended that you
study each column of birds first using your own resources and then try these
practice tests to see how well you know your birds from sight.

For the birds requiring you to know their song/call, there are samples of the
song/call on the slides so you can listen to them and see them at the same time.
To activiate the song/call, simply click on the little speaker icons. If there is
more than one common song or call, those will be there for you to learn.

Birds in Column #1 (Snow Goose - Golden Eagle)

Birds in Column #2 (Turkey Vulture - Belted Kingfisher)

Birds in Column #3 (Red-headed Woodpecker - Eastern Bluebird)

Birds in Column #4 (Wood Thrush - European Starling)